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Welcome To ANTIMATTER - Advanced Penetration Testing

In this day and age, there are countless vectors for an attacker to engage a victim; our goal is to identify and resolve these vectors before it negatively affects your business. We believe in the importance of a personalized one on one interaction with our clients, vs. the churn and burn approach of the competition. We pride ourselves on our commitment to identifying risk and strengthening your organization..


We provide state of the art Penetration Testing to businesses that want to secure and protect their data. Our results help strengthen, rebuild and survive the most aggressive attacks. You need to have a solid foundation to build a stable structure, and ANTIMATTER is here to deliver this for you.

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By properly improving, configuring, and deploying your businesses current security systems, you could prevent the loss of millions in intellectual property and data. Your security posture can be your strength or your weakness; we at ANTIMATTER help to ensure security is your best strength.

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Attack Surface

In order to fully understand what your attack surface is and what your business contributes to the increasing attack vectors in this market is, invaluable. ANTIMATTER is here to locate, map, detail and reduce your possible attack surface by follwoing a repeatable and perfected methodology.

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We will find, isolate, verify and report on every finding within the scope of our testing, but it doesn't stop there; We work hand in hand with each client to ensure that a complete, feasable and affordable remediation plan is in place before our work is complete.

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